"Transforming Literally Means Going Beyond Your Form."

-Wayne Dyer

Is it time to revive your mind, body and home to create your ultimate happy place?  




My name is Tina, and I originally created OM SPACE as an outlet for myself.

OM SPACE combines my passions for design and wellness and is a place where I get to share my creative secrets to help you design a balanced life for yourself!

I feel that a well-balanced mind, body and home allows us to show up first for ourselves and then for others. Why? Well, to be honest, it's no one else's job to put you first.

So how does two decades of graphic design, visual merchandising, home organizing aaand hospitality become OM SPACE? 

Ahh, problem solvingresourcefulness and wading through bullshit are my specialties! That's how.

Here's a quick peak at how design and wellness impact your life.

 Clutter accumulates first in the mind, then in the body and finally in the home.

If you have stress, sleep and digestive issues, your life is out of balance. You know when something just isn't right with your overall wellbeing. Your home is in disarray with mounting piles of stuff. Yet the worst part is that you ignore your physical and emotional symptoms. For example, something like "Adrenal Fatigue," translates to, "My life f'ing sucks right now and multiple changes are needed, stat!" The symptoms are scary and very real. Say this out loud, "I am going to be fine!"

Just grab your Ashwagandha tea and keep reading...


OM SPACE offers inspiration and resources for creating a balanced life. The blog posts are straightforward with actionable take-aways. Feel free to email with questions or quandaries.


   freeFORM  - Events activating creativity in the Philadelphia area!


Design & Wellness coaching for individuals!

(Special introductory pricing and packages will be available.)


"Science And Mindfulness Complement Each Other In Helping People To Eat Well and Maintain Their Health And Well-Being." -Thick Nhat Hanh

Cultivating a mindful practice starts in this very second. Say silently or aloud exactly what you are doing no matter how ho hum the action is. Look out a window and describe what you see. Close your eyes, what you hear? If you just did any of this, great job! That was being mindful.


 Get in touch for guidance in creating your personal OM space.



"Take Care Of Your Body. It's The Only Place You Have To Live." - Jim Rohn

The human body is resilient and magnificent. IT has a built-in alarm system, IT can regenerate some of its parts, IT has self-healing powers! Wow, WHAT a dynamic machine the body is! Try this, take a moment, take a deep breath, scan your body by tuning into each part starting with your feet and work your way up to your head. What do you feel? Aches, pains, numbness, vibration? Great, all of it, this means you're alive. This is where you can feel gratitude for all of your abilities and assess where you'd like to improve. 



“When you let go,

you create space for better things to enter your life.”


"To Be An Ideal Guest, Stay At Home." -E.W. Howe

Home means something different for everyone. The geographic location is secondary to how home makes you feel. To feel at home wherever you are is being yourself right where you are.

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The meaning of OM is centuries old and crosses many cultures. OM is a mantra that is used to quiet and focus the mind. The sound of OM resonates and has a positive effect on connecting to our inner wisdom and increases our ability to heal.

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