Think back to a time when you needed to get away from your life. A life you created by a series of choices with left and right turns along the way. Now, imagine stumbling upon a place where you journeyed back to childhood when life was simple and fun. How did you feel when you were a child on your own with a box or crayons and some paper? Maybe you had fingerpaints. What did you do? How did you feel? Do you remember what time of day or year it was? I didn't think so. Do you like the memory of that feeling? What was that feeling? Freedom? Okay, do you ever have that feeling now? Why not? Would you like to experience that again? Feeling free and creating like a child... learning new ways to create something while being completely unaware of time or your skill level?


   Do you have any idea how this would affect your relationships, your work, your confidence? Well, it may affect the anxiety you experience. You know that throat choking, upper lip sweating, leg numbing kind that leaves you paralyzed in indecision. That's no fun especially when it leads to a migraine that you have to explain to those who have never had one or 200 in their lifetime. Who knows how many hours of work you'll miss from this one? Will this one take days to recover from and how much will the chiropractor, acupuncture and cranial sacral sessions cost this week? What about your personal relationships? Oh boy, if you have kids, forget it. Who the heck is going to feed them while you're lying still alternating hot and cold compresses with healing crystals strewn all over your body as you mantra chant pray to all of the gods and deities above submerged in white light? Yikes!

   So you've experienced anxiety, but what about depression, conflict or grief? Oh wait, of course you have, you're human and you're alive in this very moment. Way to go! You have survived even though it may not feel exactly like living to your fullest potential. There's still a chance to learn and create something completely different. What if while you're reading this, ideas and solutions that would serve your life beautifully were about to appear before your eyes? Would you believe it? Maybe this is the time you say yes to the possibility. Are you ready to experience, experiment, explore, discover, create, listen, play, connect and trust just one last time in your life before you close up shop and turn into an old curmudgeon? Was that a yes? Okay, then here it is...get ready to have your mind pried open through creative, interactive activities at freeFORM event. You will be in an intimately sized group of equally skeptical yet curious people, drawing, painting, sculpting, playing music, listening to music, all while three dimensionally socializing with other human folk. WHAT? Yes! Plus lots of extra surprises that you will only experience in person. So, if you're in the Philadelphia area and want to escape from your life for a short time and have a fun with strangers making interesting stuff, reserve your space now. 

   After you've had your freeFORM experience, it would be super great if you could leave a review and tell your friends about it. Heck, bring your friends to the next one! Each event is unique with new challenges added and to be honest, the magic is in the people who show up and create alongside one another. So be sure to check the calendar for challenges that interest you and attend as frequently as you'd like.

   Oh, one last thing, just in case you were wondering about the side effects from an experience like this, be warned it may cause; increased productivity, unexpected confidence, improved decision making, new friendships and laughter. If you are allergic to any of the aforementioned side effects, OM SPACE will not be held responsible in a court of universal law. Sooo, you're welcome.


-Namaste, Sat Nam, Ciao, Sayonara and May the Force be with you.