• tina natalini

A Minimalist's Quandary

It can be challenging being a minimalist in a big box world. Saving money buying in bulk can be tempting, especially for households with multiple people. Perpetually used items such as TP, soap and my favorite, coconut water make sense to keep in stock. This particular quandary could create a bit of confusion for a new minimalist.

Although buying in bulk is the gateway to becoming a hoarder, it is possible to stock pile efficiently. The bonus is that you can still call yourself a minimalist. Here's how...

1. Make a list of your most used items

2. Research the best deal whether online or at a big box store

3. Choose a dedicated space (a kitchen cabinet, pantry, garage or basement) to store these items and line them up as they would be displayed on a store shelf.

Now you are ready to be a calculated, budget-friendly, efficient minimalist.

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