• tina natalini

Hygge, whaat... Hygge who...

Pronounced “HUE-gah,” Hygge is a Danish word for cozy and it incorporates a sense of camaraderie and personal contentment. Imagine that warm and snuggly feeling of fall and winter laced throughout the year yet, also adapting to spring and summer.

Cozy can be found in all seasons. The favorite fall and winter scents have made their lasting imprint and are paired with friends and family making memories. However, there is plenty of hygge to be shared with the other two seasons. For me, there is an indescribable and very distinct scent of spring that gently flows through the windows. By the time summer arrives, the air is filled with a sweetness of coconut and pineapple during the day and the evening topped off with the crackle of a bonfire. Add the sweet essence of marshmallow roasting over the campfire and now you have summer hygge.

One element that rounds out the hygge of every season is a blanket or "blanky."

These little details and rituals are where capturing a treasured moment becomes part of your lifestyle. Ahhh.

Hygge, Please...

Thank you Jay-Z (1999). Now, I can finally "rap" along with my new design version of your classic hit.

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