• tina natalini

OM in the HOME

Meditation comes in many forms and is accompanied by various rituals. The details that embody a meditation practice are very personal. It is not necessary for one to reach enlightenment or seek out a guru to feel at peace in a living or working space.

One simple way to create a sense of tranquility at home is by...ready, it's so easy and almost as if you already do it automatically... taking a deep breath on purpose. That's right, taking a deep breath, inhale for a count of five, hold that breath for a moment and then exhale for a count of five transforms human cells and calm the mind.

Breathing is where meditation starts. It is the most incredible release of stress and anxiety. It's free and can be done any time of day. Try this breathing technique before entering home after working, then do it again before going into a work environment. It is a great way to release what has happened and bring the mind to the present moment.

To take that to the next level, find a soft and pleasant scent that makes you feel light and free. This scent can be found in a hand soap, candle, tea, citrus fruit or essential oil.

These are the simplest ways to start to feel at OM.

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