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2020 Clarity

Updated: Feb 10

Every moment is an opportunity to decided to create a balanced mind, body and home. A new year and a new decade can provide inspiration and maybe a side of clarity for making lifestyle adjustments. Here are a few simple ways to get moving in a new or slightly different direction.


Move into a breathing meditation to tap into the amygdala (fight or flight/defense response) in order to calm the central nervous system. Try this simple breathing technique from Wim Hoff: (See link below the post for a full demonstration to the Wim Hoff Method) 1. Take a deep breath either through the nose or the mouth 2. Exhale completely 3. Repeat 30 times


Move energy through the body with child's pose and side bends first thing in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Restorative yoga or yin yoga is a great way to start a yoga practice and supports in recovery from an injury with the permission of a qualified health professional.

1. Child's pose - Sit on feet with knee spread apart, lean forward and stretch arms long above head

2. Shavasana - For a deeper stretch, support the spine with a bolster, blanket, yoga block or towel and allow arms to open out to either side (See product links to amazon below post)

3. Tai Chi - Create mental and physical strength through pushing and pulling energy to and from the body while breathing rhythmically. The movements are subtle yet powerful. Benefits include; overall health (improved functioning of the lymphatic system and blood pressure), meditation (improves focus and reduces stress) and self-defense (improves balance and heightens awareness).


Move the "out the door" items; keys, work bags, shoes, kid's bags, projects, outdoor clothing...all the things that detour the morning routine and sets the day of up for stress. Stress leads to poor judgement, choices and results that separate us from our goals and creating balanced wellness.

Moving energy and objects creates new patterns. Patterns are set ups can lead to a desired outcome and are key in transforming a lifestyle.


Wim Hoff Method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzCaZQqAs9I

Yoga Bolster https://www.amazon.com/YogaDirect-Supportive-Rectangular-Yoga-Bolster/dp/B006M98Z1Y

Tai Chi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxcNBejxlzs

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