• tina natalini

Hellooo, is this thing on?

OM SPACE has a YouTube channel of one minute mindful meditations. This first batch of videos are without sound. The absence of sound can create an uncomfortable feeling especially if you're used to some kind of background noise. Sitting for one minute watching a video without sound forces you to stay present in the moment. Those fidgety feelings should fade after the first video.

The next batch of videos will have sound so subscribe to be notified when they are posted. Then, comment about what comes up for you and how you felt during the videos. Good, bad, uncomfortable or indifferent. We are all working through things and if becoming more mindful and present is one of your goals, this is a baby step in getting there. Just like any new practice, there will be flexible, smooth days and stiff, ridged days so be kind to yourself and accept where you are each day.


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