• tina natalini

Staging is Believing

Here are 3 1/2 ways to warm up your staged home and 3 of my design pet peeves.

1. Textiles add dimension, coziness and warmth. This is not ground breaking design news. However, it's how and where the textiles are used that really communicate the feel of home. For example, a knitted blanket gently tossed on a large chair under a window with a book on top of it creates a moment that most people want to have at home. This is a warm snapshot or a glimpse of a moment for a buyer to experience while touring your home. Sometimes people need a little permission to have something special for themselves. If a buyer sees that you take time to relax and enjoy a book all cozied up in this house, then they will feel like they will finally be able to have that...in your house...if they buy it.

*The value textiles can add to a staged a home is impactful personally to a buyer and financially for you. The impression you create in your home staging now becomes an expectation for a buyer during their search.

2. Baskets are your friends! Not only do they add aesthetic texture, they serve two main purposes, training and storage. Place baskets in the known drop zones in your home. This will train you and your housemates to keep clutter off of surfaces. It will also help to locate lost items since you already know what items gather where. Once the clutter is under control the baskets then serve the purpose as the go-to spots for specific items.

*The value of baskets is time saving while being visually pleasing.

3. Life's Accessories. Add a sweater, grocery shopping tote and/or a kid's backpack to an entryway hook along with a pair of clean shoes by the door. This is how we live on a day-to-day basis so feel free to display some real life items in the house to show that real people can live there.

The value of portraying normalcy of human life and activities puts people at ease and reduces the pressure for perfectionism in their own lives.

1/2. What year was your home built? Bring in an item reflective of that era. If its a new build, then choose a design style or period that appeals to you. Find an item that reflects the feeling of this era to bring into your home. It can be a color, a small accessory or a piece of furniture.

*The value of finding your design style is the beginning of creating the feeling you want each time you enter your home or space.

3 of my design pet peeves:

1. Flippers assuming they know what buyers want. Hint: It's not builder grade anything nor is it the flipper's favorite colors.

2. Trendy or dated before the house is listed, kitchen backslashes! i.e, Tiny square tiles in metallic or beige, horizontal and arabesque.

3. Grandma Granite. Just stop it. Please!

*Bonus Peeves:

-Beige box houses. (Blaaa, boring cookie cutter)

-Stark white ceilings with bold colors on the walls trapped by 6" mouldings and baseboards...6" each for 8' walls. (Eh, eye sore)

-Different bold colors in every room. (Anxiety inducing)

-Varying heights of kitchen cabinets none of which reaching the ceiling. (Merry-go-round cabinets, dizzying to the eye)

-Crown moulding in mid-century homes. (No!)

Warning: These are my own opinions and irritations. I am having fun here and in no way do I mean to offend anyone's personal style or taste. We all have our own preferences. Creating a personal space that brings you happiness is all that really matters. My goal is to help you find your personal style so you don't have to live a cookie cutter life.

How does your home make you feel? Can you apply these tips to your home while you are still living in it? Leave a comment below or email them to namaste@omspace.design.

Happy omspacing!